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Good to notice that you have clicked onto our website. We are one of the leading specialist for compressed air and gas technology. At NSEC our vision is to become and remain “ Always in mind – First in Choice” of our customers and other key stakeholders.  Read More
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Evolution, a brand of ingersoll rand, comes with a commitment to stand behind the customers in all aspects of what it does. We bring peace of mind that allows our customers to focus on their primary objective. moving their businesses forward. Thus, it continues to advance...
Customised solutions will finally pay off. We offer highly efficient drying by means of refrigeration dryers, membrane dryers and high end adsorption dryers. Our compressed air dryers are engineered components for complete (holistic) preparation systems.
Our goal: Maximum output and security combined with the highest possible efficiency and quality. We offer solutions to most diverse requirements in the field of filtration. Apart from particles of dirt, water and oil vapours,NSEC filters also eliminate micro-organisms.
Regulated by strict laws (Federal Water Act), this condensate must not get into the canalisation without purification. Oil water separators of the series e c o s e p S und e c o s e p S L clean the oil containing condensate (oil-water mixtures) in accordance with the existing law.

Home       About Us         Products        Services       News       Quality       Imprint       Contacts
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